Rebuilt flow wrapping machines

Made in Britain

The MK1 V-Flow is now available as a fully rebuilt 3 or 4 axis electronic flow wrapping machine using the Omron Motion Control System.

With this package, and unrivalled comprehensive machine rebuild service, Argosy delivers a high quality flow wrap machine with vastly improved performance and reduced capital outlay.

Rebuilt Flow Wrapper

Before and after rebuilding

Speeds of 250 – 300 ppm (depending on product type) and a large reduction in mechanical components have combined to make this a strong reliable work horse.

The MK1 E-tronic V-Flow is self proven in efficiency and reduced maintenance. Size change is now quick and enhanced.

The E-Tronic can be supplied in a manual, semi-auto and fully automatic form, as required for integrating with new or existing product feeding systems.

Rebuilt Flow Wrapper

Rebuilt Pacer Flow Wrapper

Key Features

  • Three axis Omron Motion Control Package
  • Omron touch screen giving menu-driven alterations to PRU, End crimp slow down, cut-off and infeed position
  • Overload protection on infeed and end crimp
  • Electronic print registration
  • Left to right handed machine
  • 1.7m infeed
  • Single end crimp dies with 102mm (4in) centres
  • Hinged rear mounted electrical cabinet
  • Start/Stop/Inch/Reset/E-stop buttons
  • Single quick release film reel holder assembly
  • Machine height adjustable
  • Seam seal rollers - 4 pairs: one cold, two heated and one fin turnover set
  • Paint finish RAL 1013
  • Guarded and compliant to CE & EMC regulations

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